Green Car Service – Hybrid Cars

KVC Transport have teamed up with Toyota and have added one of the most advanced environmentally friendly cars on the road – the hybrid Toyota Prius to their Fleet.

Spacious, comfortable, quiet and peaceful. By using the Prius we offer an eco-friendly alternative to black cabs or London minicabs.



  • - Hybrid cars are ideal for city driving where they are often in stop start traffic, making them perfect for our green car service.


  • - Over its whole lifecycle, the Toyota Prius produces significantly lower emissions than a normal diesel or petrol vehicle.


  • - Toyota’s have a great record of reliability. We have never had an issue with the batteries in the vehicles, which are designed to last the life of the car, as per a normal vehicle.


  • - Hybrids are quiet and produce a very smooth ride, running silently when just propelled by the battery.


Our continued commitment to reducing carbon footprints and helping to sustain our precious environment, has seen us invest and focus ever more on green transport.

If sustainable transport is an option your company would like to engage with, then call KVC Transport today on 020 7924 6666 and discover how our green car services can help.