Privacy Policy

Our Responsibility

At KV Cars, we owe the responsibility to completely secure your privacy. This responsibility makes it possible to abandon the data exchange to any other irrelevant entity or company.

We gather information the moment you utilize our services. Our hi-tech dispatch arrangement systematically saves names, contact numbers, address, and email addresses accompanying with the booking. These details allow us to facilitate our users and increase the call center efficiency.

The collected information is a value adding and interactive factor of our services, which ultimately turn into an appealing and catchy end product. KV Cars have been advantageous in leading the private hire vehicle industry in London over the years. For timely delivery of the job we share telephone numbers between passengers and our drivers.

To ensure quality operations and customer satisfaction, KV Car records all calls and store them for up to six months, following that amount of time they are deleted automatically.

Enabling the location feature of your smart phone during booking means that you permit us to pick your location or you may provide your address manually. This information is used to dispatch your request to the nearby available cab and might also be helpful in shaping our business strategies.

Complaints Policy

Complaints are handled by the UK office from Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm) except public holidays. If it is unanswered till 72 hours, please do contact the admin office.

Data allocation and onward transfer

All bookings via smart phone, entails data transfer through mobile phone network, which might be in network’s access. To know how they treat your information, it is advised to consult the provider’s privacy policy.

Any third party application may pass on the gathered info ahead, for which KV Cars is not liable.

As they might be having their own policy to protect your privacy better to review it before use.

In case you have any additional query, feel free to contact us on: 020 7924 6666 or KV Cars will be glad to assist.