ATC Cars Terms & Conditions

These subsequent terms and conditions and also the online booking form comprise the whole Agreement in regard to the provision of minicab service (“Service”) linking you and KV Cars.  Booking form completion and the service usage indicate that you unconditionally accept all terms and conditions outlined here in the agreement.KV Cars Terms & Conditions.

1. Definitions

“KV Car” means KV Cars of London, whose offices are at 129a Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5QJ and 84 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 4TP, “you” or “your” refers to any individual, business or company who lay down the booking with KV Cars.

2. Booking

2.1    You must bear enough time while booking the taxi to enable considering the check-in timings needed by the airline also for delays resulted by traffic situations.  KV Car shall not be accountable for any deferment or delay caused due to your disability to allow sufficient time to reach your place or in case the passengers not ready to be picked-up at the agreed/booked time.
2.2    You must ask for an appropriate car size as per the number of passengers along with luggage. KV Car cannot ensure to carry massive amounts of luggage.

3. Prices & Payment

3.1    KV Cars will send you the quotation via email or any other medium, in accordance with the information received from you. KV Cars may alter the quotation if any material change takes place such as plan of travel, the size or type of vehicle, or the number of passengers intend to travel.
3.2   The provided quotation will entail a [45] minute waiting time after the mentioned landing time excluding the car park cost. In accordance to its standard rates, KV Cars will charge you for the waiting time exceeding the first 45 minutes.

3.3    Once you accept the quotation, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Please review the booking confirmation cautiously and inform KV Cars swiftly of any mistake. KV Cars cannot be held accountable for any postponements/delays induced or costs resulting from your deficiency to provide KV Cars correct information.
3.4    All charges can be paid through debit/credit cards or cash.

4. The Service

4.1    You (customer) shall be liable for the conduct of every passenger in the conveyance/vehicle all along the journey. The damage charges will be added to the total sum of your bill, in case that vehicle/conveyance being soiled/damaged by any passenger.

4.2    All kinds of eatables and smoking are not allowed in the vehicles.
4.3    You are responsible to restrain all children accompanying the journey in an appropriate manner as per their age, height and weight. Suitable baby seats should be provided and fitted wherever possible by the parents of the child.
4.4    KV Cars will never carry extra passengers exceeding the number allowed by its insurance and licensing guidelines.

5. Cancellations

If you want to cancel the booking, please do contact KV Cars at your earliest.  In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience it is recommended to inform KV Cars of the cancellation before they dispatch the booking.

6. Liability

6.1    KV Cars shall utilize all reasonable efforts to take you to the destination you chosen in a timely manner, however, shall not be responsible for any delays or loss caused by traffic or road conditions beyond the bounds of its control over it.  Under any circumstances shall KV Cars not be liable (in tort, contract or otherwise) as of any loss/deficit of profits, business/commercial or even for all consequential or indirect loss whatsoever.
6.2    All luggage carried is absolutely at your own risk. However, KV Cars compensate wherever possible.

6.3   All of KV Cars services are subject to the cancellation in case of national emergency, war, fuel shortage, riots, terror attacks or extreme weather, or any other circumstances which may be out of its control. If the booked car (Vehicle) breaks down amid your journey KV Cars will strive to provide another carriage.
6.4    You shall compensate KV Cars for all damages, costs, losses and also for expenses incurring from your carelessness or act of any passenger accompanying your party.
6.5    Neither one party can deny or limits its responsibility for death, nor physical injury resulting from negligence, from willful act or forged misstatement, or else ways via any manner inapplicable by any enforceable law.

7. Termination

KV Cars will deny or abort any booking immediately if it poses any threat to the driver, vehicle or any one else the risk of abuse, damage or violence by you or any passenger accompanying your party. In such conditions all passengers will be asked to vacate the car/vehicle as early as it is likely to be safe by doing so. You will not be refunded in the event the journey is adjourned halfway during the hire.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1    KV Cars may subcontract its committals in the light of this Agreement. You (customer) shall not transfer, assign or delegate any of your authorities/rights or obligations as per this Agreement.
8.2    KV Cars may alter the said terms and conditions at any moment by updating changes online. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly review the said terms and conditions to ensure your awareness of any possible changes. All bookings shall be charged as per the rate applicable or quoted at the moment booking takes place.
8.3    KV Cars shall store/bank, process and utilize any information relating to your personal particulars in correspondence with the Act of Data Protection 1998.
8.4    This Agreement or any go along quotation serves as an absolute agreement amid you and KV Cars in link with its theme.  In case of any discrepancy in relation to the quotation and the terms of this agreement, all terms of this said agreement shall administer/prevail.
8.5    No point of this said Agreement is destined to bestow any possible advantage on any possible third party, whether following to the Contracts (Rights of the Third Parties) 1999 Act or otherwise, and any third party shall entitled to have the right to claim/enforce any possible rights underneath this agreement only where otherwise appears to be agreed in writing.

9. Disputes

This Agreement/frame-up shall be constituted in consonance with English law, including you and KV Cars each acknowledges to comply with the exclusive prerogative of the English/British Courts in regard of any discord (dispute) or claim stemming out of or in conjunction with this frame-up/Agreement.

10. Conveying of children

UK law exempt taxis from legislation regarding child travel in a baby/child seat or booster, further details of the said legislation can be seen here.  For safety reasons KV Cars do not provide child seat. If you need a baby seat to carry along your journey, then child’s parent or carers would be responsible to arrange and fit it in the carrier/vehicle to ensure the child’s safety. In case you are hiring a return trip and hold your own baby seat, the taxi driver who brings off your booking/hiring will retain your baby seat, till the end of the trip, please keep in mind that the fitting of the baby seat must be done by you.

If you ever need to know extra or to get a copy of KV Car’s Terms & Conditions, kindly send us your request at: or dial +44 (0) 20 7924 6666